Woman claims store clerk denied her service because she's gay

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Shocking moment cashier at New Orleans Family Dollar 'refuses to serve woman because she is gay'.
Melissa Langford recorded the this video after she said a cashier at the Family Dollar store on Canal Street in New Orleans denied her service because, Langford says, she is gay.
A Louisiana woman says she was refused service by a cashier at a dollar store because she is gay.
Melissa Langford, 34, was in line at a New Orleans Family Dollar when she heard the cashier talking loudly about 'how much she hates gay people' and decided to record a video after confronting the woman.
Langford said the cashier began saying cruel things about gay people when she noticed her in the line of five people.
Langford told the cashier that the remarks bothered her because she is 'very gay' and asked that the woman keep her opinions to herself.
The video, which has now been viewed more than 34,000 times and shared more than 1,200 times, shows the woman in a red Family Dollar shirt behind the register.
It starts mid-conversation with another man who seems to agree with the cashier and leaves as a second man approaches the counter.
Langford can be heard saying: 'She won't serve us because I'm gay and he doesn't like non-gay people.'
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