Police officer charged with assault after CCTV shows him 'punching student in the face over..'

Thomas Jaha, a 25-year veteran, has been suspended after the footage was made public

An police officer has been charged with assault after being seen on video chasing after a student and punching him twice in the face.

Thomas Jaha, a 25-year veteran working as a school cop at US Grant High School in Oklahoma City, allegedly got into a confrontation with the 16-year-old over a hall pass on October 9.

On Wednesday Jaha was charged with assault and battery, NY Daily News reported.

CCTV footage shows, Master Sgt Thomas Jaha confronting the teen at a water fountain in a hallway.

As the student walks away, the school resource officer starts chasing him, leading up to the confrontation.

The teen took "an aggressive stance" toward the officer, police said, and Jaha responded by punching the boy in the face out of 'self-defence'.

The veteran officer struck him one more time across the face before arresting him for disorderly conduct, according to police reports.

The Oklahoma County district attorney charged Jaha with assault and battery. He has also been placed on administrative leave with pay.

"Although officers have the right to defend themselves… in this particular case, the force was not appropriate to the incident," police captain Paco Balderrama said.

The boy was brought to a hospital for his injuries, Mark Myers, an Oklahoma City Public Schools spokesman said.

The teen's grandfather said the student was yelling for help after the attack. The family has also hired a lawyer, according to KFOR.
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