Police called after Confederate flag group invades child's party

Police were called after a convoy of trucks flying Confederate flags invaded a child's birthday party in Douglasville, Georgia.

Terrifying moment a black child's birthday party was interrupted by 'armed' white men carrying Confederate flags 'shouting n-word death threats'

Seven pickup trucks with flags arrived at party in Douglasville, Georgia

Owner of house said that men threatened violence and were armed

Police, sued for racism last year, arrested one man on unrelated charges

A black child's birthday party in Georgia was interrupted by a group of men driving pickup trucks with Confederate flags who were allegedly armed and threatening violence.

Video of the incident showed at least seven trucks with both Confederate and American flags driving past the outraged party-goers in Douglasville on Saturday.

A woman who posted a second video says that one of the white truck drivers, who she alleged were armed, said he would 'kill y’all [N-words]'.

'This is a child's birthday party,' someone is heard yelling at the men.

Melissa Alford, who said on Facebook that she lives in the house where the party was being held, said that the uninvited guests were armed with a shotgun when they arrived at the party.

'I'm too scared to go to sleep because these guys still have the gun in their possessions,' she said.

'I just want these people to stop terrorizing people,' Melissa posted later.

'I don't mind them riding with their flags but I don't want them going around threaten people in their yard like they did mine or harassing folks either'.

Douglasville police said that they were aware of the truck convoy and followed it for a while when it came into their jurisdiction but did not see 'any criminal or traffic infractions'.

They said that officers received 'conflicting statements' about what happened at the birthday party and arrested one of the truck passengers on an unrelated charge, according to the Atlanta Constitution Journal.

The department said they had no evidence of shots being fired, but were investigating whether any laws were broken.

Douglasville police did not return request for further comment Monday evening.

Late last year the department was sued by a former employee who said that he was fired twice for speaking up about racial profiling and racism, according to CBS 46.

The incident and prominent use of the Confederate flag comes amid renewed debate over the symbol, which was actually a flag of the secessionist Southern states' armies.

Some say that the flag, which featured prominently on the online profile of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, supports the legacy of white supremacists and slavery.

Others claim that the symbol is part of Southern heritage.
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