NYPD Cop And Suspect Seen Boxing On Harlem Street FULL VIDEO

NEW YORK (WABC) --The NYPD is investigating a videotaped confrontation between an officer and a suspect on the street, with authorities attempting to determine whether the use of force was justified.

An NYPD police officer was filmed in a punching match with a man he was trying to arrest on the streets of Harlem.

The video shows the plainclothed officer trying to arrest Saykou George, who has two outstanding warrants according to the New York Post .

A Facebook video posted yesterday shows a Harlem street stop by two plainclothes officers turn into a boxing match after the cops refuse to say why they stopped the man and he refuses to be arrested

HARLEM — As is the case with most videotaped police-civilian encounters, what you see on the screen doesn’t always capture the entire story.

One such encounter was recorded Wednesday afternoon in Harlem on Fredrick Douglas Boulevard

Her arrest came the day before another NYPD officer ended up in a boxing match with a man he was trying to arrest in Harlem.

The NYPD has since confirmed that before Jun Ice began recording officers found a knife on George, the man in the red shirt. .

NYPD Cop And Suspect Seen Boxing On Harlem Street Full RAW
NYPD cop and suspect seen boxing on Harlem street
Investigation underway after video shows NYPD officer boxing with suspect in Harlem
Carolina Leid reports from Harlem.
NYPD cop filmed boxing with hostile suspect on the streets of Harlem
The video of the violent confrontation is under review after a passerby posted it online claiming police brutality
Video: Harlem Cop Boxes With Man Who Refuses To Be Arrested
Caught on camera: Street stop turns into boxing match between officer, suspect
NYPD officer
hostile suspect
Saykou George
Harlem Cop
Harlem street
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