Man loses job over Facebook post about co-worker’s 3-year-old son

ATLANTA, Ga. — An Atlanta man was fired from his job over a post that caused outrage on Facebook.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Gerod Roth was fired last week after posting a photo he took at work with his co-worker’s child behind him.

Roth is white, and the child is black.

Roth’s Facebook friends reportedly made several comments and racist remarks about the photo, which went viral.

Some of the comments were “I didn’t know you were a slave owner,” and “Help feed this pour child today.” At one point, Roth wrote “He was feral,” under the post, which has since been deleted.

Sydney Shelton is the mother of the three-year-old child, Cayden. She told Fox 5 Atlanta that she was unaware that Roth took and posted the photo. She said she often brings Cayden to work after he gets out of school.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Roth said he didn’t think Shelton would mind if he posted the photo. He said he later emailed Shelton an apology.

Shelton made a post Oct. 3 talking about her son and what happened. She also created the hashtag #HisNameisCayden, starting a whole online movement to support him.
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