Lawsuit: Whole Foods delivered cake with gay slur

AUSTIN - Austin-based Whole Foods is being sued after a pastor alleged that he ordered a cake from a store on North Lamar Boulevard with the personalized message “Love Wins” and instead received a cake with the words “Love Wins *gay slur*.”

According to the Kaplan Law Firm PLLC, Pastor Jordan Brown, an openly gay African-American man, reported the incident to Whole Foods. Kaplan Law Firm said Whole Foods said they investigated the incident and allegedly told Pastor Brown the store and its employee had done nothing wrong and no action would be taken.

Brown’s lawyer, Austin Kaplan, said his firm reached out to Whole Foods’ corporate office on April 15, but received no substantive response for more than three days and at that point the lawsuit was filed.

“He frequently shopped at Whole Foods, which makes this all the more shocking and disappointing,” Kaplan said in a statement. “What really concerns him is knowing that unless some action is taken, this kind of thing could happen again, and that someone else might have to go through a similarly excruciating experience.”
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