Incredible moment a boy with a debilitating disease is told doctors finally found him a heart donor

'You're going to live!': Incredible moment a 14-year-old boy born with a debilitating disease is told that doctors have finally found him a heart donor
Albert Jeffries, from Burlington, North Carolina, was born with cardiomyopathy and has been waiting for a heart transplant for 14 years
He recently received a donor and underwent surgery almost immediately
The moment his mother, Tina Turner, tearfully told her son that a donor had been found was captured on camera
Alj is now recovering and is expected to 'thrive', doctors say
Albert Jeffries, who goes by Alj, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy when he was just four months old, and has needed a heart transplant ever since.
After a lifetime in and out of hospital, the 14-year-old North Carolina boy was recently told that a heart had finally been found for him.
The incredible moment that his mom, Tina Turner, told her son through tears that he was to undergo a heart transplant in a matter of hours was captured on camera.
Sitting in a hospital bed, a surprised Alj repeatedly says: 'Do they got my heart? Do they got my heart?'
Mrs Turner said that when Alj was born, 'his heart was barely squeezing'.
'That was the beginning of our journey. The doctor said he wasn’t going to make it overnight. I was like - I know that there’s a God. He’s going to make it,' she told Fox 8.
Dr. Scott Buck, Alj’s pediatric cardiologist at North Carolina Children's Hospital, said 75,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant of some sort.
Some 300 children in the U.S. need a heart transplant, however about 50 children die each year waiting.
Mrs Turner said actually receiving a donated organ is bittersweet.
“Someone’s death is going to bring someone’s life. I really hate that, I hate that part of it,' she told the network.
'We all do. But if it’s going to make Alj be with me and they can give that gift to me? I’d be so happy.'
Doctors expect Alj to 'thrive' once he has recovered from the transplant.
He hopes that he will finally get to play some football and ride his bike with friends.
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