Ida Keeling 100-Year-Old Finishe 100 Meter Race, Celebrates With Pushups

100 meters for 100 years.

Ida Keeling brought the house down today with an inspiring performance

100 Meters for 100 Years: Ida Keeling Electrifies the Penn Relays.

Ida Keeling 100-year-old finishes 100 meter race, celebrates with pushups

Ida Keeling is absolutely amazing. The 100-year-old not only participated in the 122nd running of the Penn Relay, but she managed to finish her 100 meter race. A barely winded Keeling wanted reporters to know after the race that she'll be 101 years old in a couple of weeks.

Most people would recover from a race with some Gatorade, perhaps a nice rest -- but not Ida. She dropped down and did pushups on the outside of the track

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