Frenzied Mob of Trump Supporters Viciously Attacks Black Woman at Kentucky Rally

A mob of Donald Trump supporters have been caught on tape mobbing a female African American protester who was attempting to leave a Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

The tape catches at least five different white men manhandling her, some of them even stepping in her way to shove her. At least one man chased her while screaming in her face. She can be seen mouthing “Stop touching me,” but they continued to scream and attack her.

A crowd of hundreds just watched approvingly, scowling at her. No one in the crowd appeared to come to the woman’s aide, or interfere with the Drumpf supporters who were assaulting her.

She was apparently one of many to protest at the event, the UK student paper Kentucky Kernel reported. All of them were thrown out.

Louisville news station WLKY reached out to the woman who was assaulted at the rally. She said that she is “doing well. She is just trying to process everything.”

Donald Trump is steadily working his way toward clinching the Republican presidential nomination after a successful Super Tuesday romp. The billionaire real estate mogul won handily in 6 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia — and is favored to win big in the coming Super Saturday primaries in 4 days. As of this writing, none of his rivals on the Republican side have dropped out.
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