Dashcam Video Linwood Lambert Tasing by Virginia Police

In May of 2013, Linwood Lambert Jr. was being transported to the hospital by police after a noise complaint. After reaching the hospital, he tried to run away from the police and into the emergency room entrance, but couldn't open the door with his hands cuffed behind him.

Cpl. Tiffany Bratton, Officer Clifton Mann, and Officer Travis Clay then proceeded to tase him over twenty times, including with multiple tasers at the same time. Lambert was tased even after his legs were also shackled and even after being restrained in the patrol car.

Police then drove him to the jail, instead of allowing him to receive at the hospital where the confrontation took place and for what the original purpose of taking him into custody was.

By the time he reached the jail Lambert had lost consciousness and was returned to the hospital emergency room that they had just drove him away from. He was declared dead on arrival there.

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