Black Mother Goes Off on the Black Lives Matter Movement Which Has Sparked Huge Praise and a Lot of

Peggy Hubbard’s 6-minute Facebook clip has been viewed over 5.5 million times since it was posted Thursday and has generated over 12,000 comments.


A couple of hours later, Hubbard posted a much calmer (and longer) video apologizing for her language in her viral clip, but seemingly with just as much resolve. “This is not a race issue,” she said. “This is about morals. This is about accountability and responsibility.”


Here’s another video she just posted with the following description:
“This is what the nation sees? This is what police must endure? Called “racist?” Told, if a suspect has a gun? You can “taze” him or use his “night club?” Even IF the individual(s) are armed. That lethal weapons should never be used? And, the police should be able to….excuse me….DUCK bullets! Because that is what they are paid to do! I guess some of the police officers missed that special training day of TJ Hooker….hood diving…..trick shot….run along side the car….style of policing! It saddens me that for all they must put up with? It is astonishing to me that they STILL come to work. Damn. Not ALL black people believe this. I had the honor of speak with people all day who recognized me? What to get it known that. A large majority are with me. It is the ones seen here that blame the police for their circumstances and life choice. When clear… started AT HOME!”

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